Port Launches 3-Year Marine Safety Plan

9th July 2021

The Port of Inverness has recently published its 3-year Marine Safety Plan for the conduct of marine operations in the Port of Inverness.  This plan is a requirement of the Port Marine Safety Code and commits the Port to undertake the proper management and regulation of marine navigation within the scope of its powers and authority, as set out in legislation and the Port Marine Safety Code itself. 
With the Port having the responsibility for maintaining the safety of navigation within the Harbour Limits, together with a duty to improve and conserve the port and its environment, this document represents an important public commitment.

Commenting on the publication of the document, Port Chief Executive said, “Whilst in managing the safety of navigation and the provision of services, we always have the safety of life, vessels and the environment as our highest priorities.  The Port Marine Safety Code is an important document and whilst it is not yet a statutory requirement to conform to its content, we are fully committed to ensuring that we fully comply with all its requirements.”

The plan sets out a number of targets to be achieved over the term of the plan that related to accident number, hydrographic surveys, incident investigations and streamlining policies. 

The full plan can be read on the website under the policies section.