Pole Star visits Inverness

25th August 2016

The Port of Inverness had a recent visit from the NLV Pole Star.  This ship is one of two operated by the Northern Lighthouse Board out of Oban.  She visited the port for two nights whilst she undertook inspections and maintenance of navigational buoys in the area.

The Pole Star is classed as a Medium Buoy Tender and has served the Board since 2000. She is smaller than PHAROS with an overall length of 51.52m, a breadth of 12m and a draft of 3.46m, which permits work in otherwise inaccessible waters. Her Dynamic Positioning (DPI) makes her a very versatile vessel. She is specifically designed to handle all classes of GLA buoys and is equipped with an 18t crane on her 90m² aft deck.

The picture shows the Pole Star alongside the Longman Quay.  Also in the photo is the Admiral Day, a grab hopper dredger that is currently working in the port.