HMS Grimsby Visits Inverness

16th September 2013

The Port of Inverness welcomed HMS Grimsby to the port over the weekend.  The crew had a busy weekend whilst in the port hosting a reception and a number of visits from local schools.  Port CEO Sinclair Browne commented, “We are always delighted to welcome ships from the Royal Navy as these can promote strong links between the ship, crew and city.”

Inverness is affiliated to the Royal Navy’s First Mine Counter-Measures Squadron (MCM1), and HMS Grimsby, nicknamed the Fighting Boar, is one of the squadron’s seven Sandown Class mine-hunters based at HMNB Clyde at Faslane.

HMS Grimsby, with the famous boars head crest which inspired her nickname, spent almost three years in the Gulf, only returning to her Scottish base last in 2012.

The ship is due to leave Inverness on Tuesday morning.


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