The Port is a major conduit for the import and export of dry bulk goods.  This success has been built on the back of a number of long-standing national and international trading relationships.

Significant dry goods include the import of packaged timber from Scandinavia and the Baltics, which is in turn distributed throughout Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.  The port is one of the main entry points for road salt for both Highland Council and the Trunk Roads’ Authority.  There is also a strong import and export trade in round logs for onward shipment to manufacturers. 

As regards exports, one of the main exports is Sterling Board, manufactured locally by Norbord.  Shipped throughout the year it goes to a number of places throughout Europe as well as further afield to Turkey. 

Given its location, it is not surprising that the port handles a wide range of agricultural products including animal feed, barley, rapeseed and potatoes.  As regards aquaculture, salmon smolts are also exported on a regular basis.