Inverness Harbour Trust, the body responsible for operating the Port of Inverness, has a Board 8 Trustees comprising 7 non-executive members who are appointed for three-year terms and the Chief Executive who is the executive member. 

Trustees are appointed in line with the provisions of "Modern Trust Ports for Scotland - Guidance for good governance", published by Transport Scotland. 

The Current Trustees are as follows:

George Macleod, Chairman
Susan Clark, Vice-Chairman
Sinclair Browne, Chief Executive
Catriona Maclean
Graham Phillips
Gary I Campbell
David Taylor
Russell Thomson

In line with the 2002 Harbour Revision Order, candidates for Board membership must demonstrate knowledge, experience or ability in one or more of the following disciplines:

  1. Management of harbours
  2. Shipping or other forms of transport
  3. Financial management
  4. Safety or personnel management
  5. Commercial marketing or information technology
  6. Environmental matters affecting harbours
  7. Any other skills and abilities considered from time to time by the Trustees to be relevant to the discharge of their functions

The objective is to obtain a board that is independent and fit for purpose rather than representative of particular interests. 

All Trustees undergo an Annual Appraisal as part of their appointment.